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Design Profile is a psychometric tool that gives you an insight into your natural design style and preferences. 

Designers are those that create solutions. There is no one right way to be a designer, and all design styles have their strengths. Everyone has a natural style of how they relate, think and work.  It’s diversity that makes a strong design team.

Whether you design products, services or programs, whether you work for Government, NGOs or the private sector, Design Profile gives you deep insights into your, your team, or even your organisation’s approach to design and innovation, and how it can be better leveraged and strengthened.
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Use Design Profile for yourself or your team

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Take the Design Profile and learn about your unique preferences and skills, and what this means for how you approach design and innovation.

You get:

  • Detailed results about your unique design style and strengths, and how you can improve your skills, and team up to develop powerful designs and innovations.

  • You can choose to purchase a detailed report about your Design Profile, to find out even more about the way you relate, think and work during the design and innovation process. You also get a personalised certificate.

  • Your results will be saved and you can take the test up to 3 times, to see how your design style changes over time.

There are 8 Design Profiles, which one are you?

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You can get your whole team to do the Design Profile to find out what individual team members are and what this means for your team dynamics.

You get:

  • A detailed report and Design Profile certificate for each team member.

  • A whole-team report, giving insights about how you work together better.

  • A facilitated session by an expert Design Profile Professional, who will help your team leverage their strengths, overcome challenges and optimise their design approach.